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Introducing DelphiOS

Meet the worlds first operating system that connects all your AI and automations into one visual platform.

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The four modules of DelphiOS

Icon Discovery  Discovery

  • Process analysis and discovery

  • Solution proposals powered by AI

  • Business case creation

Icon Build  Build

  • Best-in-class implementation methodology

  • Solution proposals powered by AI

Control icon  Control

  • Manage robots, AI-models and solutions

  • Track license utilization

Icons Value  Value

  • Measure ROI

  • Export executive reports

Discovery Module

Icon Discovery  Discovery Module

Discovery Module

Automation & AI initiatives often fail due inadequate analysis of what exact business processes to automate. A well defined process analysis is key.

Key features:

  • Visualizes Automation & AI process candidates

  • Process discovery and analysis

  • Solution proposals by our AI-engine

  • Business case creation

Use DelphiOS to discover and kickstart Automation and AI opportunities!

Icon Build  Build Module

Build Module

Automation & AI implementations often fail due to inadequate planning and execution. DelphiOS helps you avoid these common pitfalls.

Key features:

  • Best-in-class methodology how to implement your solutions​

  • Internal compliance

  • Shortens your development by appropriately allocating development tasks and approval steps. ​

The Delphi OS Build module speeds up your deployment of Automation & AI! ​

Build Module
Control module

Control icon  Control Module

Control module

Controlling and managing multiple Automation and AI technologies from different vendors can be very challenging. Full control and overview of existing solutions is crucial.​

Key features:

  • Manage robots, AI-models and solutions in 6 technologies

  • Track vendor license utilization​

  • Onboard new robots, models and solutions​

The DelphiOS Control module shows performance and diagnostics of your Automation & AI solutions in real time.

Icons Value  Value Module

Value module

It’s notoriously difficult to analyze and communicate the value realization of your Automation and AI initiatives. Yet it’s vital to showcase ROI to accelerate your efforts.​

Key features:

  • View and show all your Automation and AI investments and technologies in one interface​

  • Track KPIs and measure ROI​

  • Export executive reports​

Use DelphiOS to show your business the value of Automation and AI!

Value module

Discovery Analyst

Profile image of a woman

Transformation, consultant or
analyst mapping and preparing a case for change with AI and Automation technologies.

  •   Discovery

  •   Value

  •    Build

  •    Control

  • Set up, and track new Discovery project.

  • Full process mapping online questionnaire.

  • KPI attachment tracker.

  • Business case builder.

  • Discovery governance builder.


Business User

Profile image of a woman

Business user or sponsor tracking KPIs to understand overall performance of technologies and ROI.

  •   Discovery

  •   Value

  •    Build

  •    Control

  • Track full value realization of all ongoing projects.

  • Track single KPIs per solution or technology.

  • Full overview of all deployed projects and ROI status.

  • Download executive reports with real-time values.


AIA Operator

Profile image of a man

Operator responsible for
performance of technologies in
build- and command phase.

  •   Discovery

  •   Value

  •    Build

  •    Control

  • Deploy AIA solutions.

  • Measure and control single robots and models in real time.

  • Track optimization potential or retire solutions.

  • Monitor real-time status of portfolio of AIA solutions.

  • Benchmark robots and solutions performance.


Lead Administrator

Profile image of a man

Transformation lead, or program manager driving and implementing transformation programs from discovery to value realization.

  •   Discovery

  •   Value

  •    Build

  •    Control

  • Access to Discovery module to steer pipeline.

  • Access to Build module to oversee ongoing builds and status.

  • Access to Command module to oversee all deployed solutions.

  • Access to Value realization module to track ROI and KPIs attached to each project.


DelphiOS is engineered to deliver exponential value where Automation and AI are the foundation to deliver maximum outcome.

Key features

  • Automation performance

  • Value realisation tracker

  • KPI tracker

  • Automation potential

  • Enabled automation

  • AI Model performance tracker

  • Automation feature library

  • Bot and Algorithm commander

Key benefits

  • Decrease costs

  • Increase margins

  • Boost efficiency and accuracy

  • Control performance

  • Decrease lead time

  • Improve customer experience

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